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  • What is "Golf-to-Earn"?
    Golf-to-Earn is just like it sounds - you play golf and you can earn cash rewards, up to 15% of what you paid, for EVERY round of golf you play, at ANY COURSE, ANYWHERE in the world. And the rewards you earn can be withdrawn to your bank account at any time - no more restrictions limiting you to certain products or places to 'exchange' your rewards. You've earned them so spend them however you like!
  • Can I really play anywhere, on any course in the world and collect rewards?
    Yes! There are no restrictions at all! Play anywhere, any time, at any course in the world. And remember, the more you participate in the app, the more you earn in rewards for your round of golf!
  • I'm a member of a golf club / course, do I qualify for rewards every time I play golf at my course?
    Yes! Once your golf course membership is confirmed within the GolfSMART app, you will follow the same process as all golfers to earn cash rewards. We simply want EVERYONE to play golf and enjoy the benefits from doing what they love - playing the sport.
  • Can amateurs and professionals join GolfSMART?
    Yes! GolfSMART is available to ALL golfers so everyone can join, amateur or professional.
  • Do I need to book or reserve my tee time with GolfSMART to earn rewards?
    No. You are free to book, reserve and pay for rounds of golf however you like.
  • When I arrive to the golf course do I need to tell the reception or pro shop anything about GolfSMART?
    No, GolfSMART is independent of golf courses and facilities. As a golfer, you will always need to follow the rules and regulations of each golf course and check in, pay your green fee, etc. like normal. To use GolfSMART and qualify for rewards, simply log into the app when you arrive to start registering your round.
  • Does GolfSMART require a membership to use the platform?
    Yes. One of our main goals is to grow the game and provide easier access to information for EVERY golfer, and over time we will freely provide up-to-date reviews and course conditions for each golf course worldwide. To contribute and earn rewards a membership is required.
  • Will GolfSMART have different membership options, what are the costs?
    We will offer various membership levels with different perks and benefits to suit anyone's playing habits. Prices and terms will vary depending on the membership selected and more information will be released at a later date.
  • Will there be a free-to-use option for joining GolfSMART?
    Yes. We want everyone to be able to use and enjoy GolfSMART, and a free-to-join option is one of our main priorities. We will keep working to make this and many other GolfSMART options available as soon as possible. For now, signing up as an Early Adopter enables you to use your earned rewards to pay for your chosen membership, allowing you to join while keeping your cash in your pocket.
  • Is GolfSMART available in my region?
    GolfSMART can be used for EVERY round of golf you play, at ANY COURSE, ANYWHERE in the world. And our ultimate goal is to welcome residents of all 195 countries to join GolfSMART; however, the reality is that depending on where you live, you might not be able to join us from day one. Our team will keep working tirelessly to bring Golf-to-Earn to everyone without exception, so tune in on the launch date for more information!
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