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“Mate, I absolutely love this, every golfer can use it and it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t have a golf handicap, if you’re a club member or not, it doesn’t even matter where you play, as long as you play golf you can earn cash rewards!”

Jon Schauder

 "This project is unlike anything I’ve seen in golf and I’m extremely excited to be a part of it. This joint-ownership model really strengthens golf as a global community and it’s so cool to be able to give something back genuinely useful and universal to everyone who participates." 


Vitaly Rimmer

"These days, data is king and our lives are as much virtual as real. I am genuinely excited to give golfers the ability to control how their behaviors and experiences are shared, as well as to enable them to monetize this data that is currently being extracted without remuneration."


Tiago Pereira

"What I love about GolfSMART is that it's truly an app made for the golf community and built by golfers from around the world.  It's time golfers share in the value they generate by playing and driving the sport, and GolfSMART is a step in the right direction as we aim to share real money back to our members."

About GolfSMART

We are a global initiative with the aim to provide:

An inclusive player community incentivising the simple activity of playing golf, with useful benefits such as cash rewards for every activity and up-to-date, fellow participant reviews and comments for all venues around the world.

Financial and social benefits to all players, venue owners and participating stakeholders collectively through their mutual interaction with playing golf.

A mutually beneficial ecosystem, sharing platform success with all participants via tangible rewards for golf experiences.

GolfSMART, “The Players’ Community”

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We are present on social media. Find us everywhere with the @golfsmartapp handle.

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