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An app for EVERY golfer where you earn cash rewards for EVERY round of golf, ANYWHERE in the world

Welcome to GolfSMART - Your Golf-to-Earn App
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​GolfSMART is a platform where golfers can register their rounds of golf and earn cash rewards, simple!

Golf as you always do and earn up to 15% cashback rewards
in 4 simple steps:

1. Open the GolfSMART app

2. Click 'Check-In' while at the course


3. Review and rate your round

4. Share on your social media

When using the app, you can decide which steps to complete as each one awards you with a different percentage of cashback rewards. More information here.

It doesn't matter how you book your round, if you have a handicap, who you play with, what you score, or even if you are a member of a club - it's called "Golf-to-Earn" where you can earn money back directly into your pocket EVERY time you play golf.


At GolfSMART, we aim to revolutionise how golf is experienced by everyone in the sport through rewarding mutual activities and relationships via Golf-to-Earn.

Why Sign Up Today?

It's fast and free!  Simply fill in the form below with your name and email address.

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No commitment! Signing up keeps you informed of details and announcements before the general public.

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No spam! We are committed to keeping your email confidential and junk free and will not sell or rent our contact data, lists or databases to third parties.

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Automatic entry into prize draw for signed memorabilia from Beef including digital authenticity certificates.


If you decide to join GolfSMART with a paid membership, you will have the exclusive option to use the rewards you earn to pay for your membership.

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